Principles and Commitments

BJMHP Lawyers is a law firm that consists of young and dedicated attorneys engaged in litigation and non-litigation practices. Indonesia has seen significant economic growth since the Asian monetary crisis of 1997. Such growth has also triggered major developments in the legal system with the additions of new laws and revisions of existing regulations. Our attorneys are up to date with the development of laws and regulations in Indonesia.


BJMHP Lawyers never allow itself to lose the right path in serving clients. Our philosophy is alive in our works and in our dedications. We strive to provide comprehensive solutions for our clients. We work with our clients to understand their problems, determine their business needs and finally provide the best solutions.

BJMHP Lawyers is committed to professional and personal legal assistance. In order to reach this goal, we are committed to provide the high standards of legal service and ethics. We have commitment to maintain the longstanding relationship with our clients. We see our clients as our partners. We try the best efforts to improve our services to meet the needs of globalization.